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5 things to do absolutely before buying jewelry online

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It is expected that by 2020, online sales will represent 10 to 15% of the high jewelry and costume jewelry markets 1. However, if buying jewelry on the Internet is user-friendly, we advise you to educate yourself, be wary of counterfeit products, and ensure that your jewelry reaches you whole and intact.

Here are some steps to follow before clicking on "Buy":

Ask about the retailer.

First step: check if it is a good retailer. Read buyer reviews and ratings to find out if he's honest, reliable, and helpful.

Read the fine print.

The retailer's privacy policy will tell you if customers' email addresses or contact information are shared with third parties. Also, read the return and exchange policy carefully to be sure that you will not be without recourse if the jewelry does not please you or is damaged.

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Ask for photos.

Detailed photos will allow you to check the quality of a piece of jewelry. If it is indicated that it is signed or made of a metal of such or such quality, for example, ask for a photo of the signature or the metallic purity index.

Make sure your jewelry is well wrapped.

When a piece of jewelry has damage, it is often in the form of scratches. To prevent your jewelry from being scratched because it is tossed during transport, make sure that it is carefully wrapped and well immobilized. Ask to have them individually inserted into a soft cloth pouch that can be tied securely so that they do not fall out during transport. The pouch must in turn be immobilized in a box (with bubble wrap or handkerchiefs, for example). Also note that if jewelry like semi-rigid chains is twisted or bent, they may be permanently damaged. If necessary, pay extra to have your jewelry shipped to you in a large enough box.

Check your coverage.

Your home insurance is not necessarily accompanied by sufficient protection in the event of loss, damage, or theft, especially for valuables such as diamonds, precious stones, and jewelry made of precious metals. Before buying a piece of jewelry online, contact your insurer to find out the details of your coverage. If this is inadequate, consider purchasing valuables insurance which provides all-risk protection and automatically covers new acquisitions. In this way, your purchase will be protected as soon as you confirm the transaction.

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