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Surely, one of the best applications to cut and edit your images. At first, it may seem a little cumbersome but, to which one becomes accustomed, it hardly leaves it for another. Snapseed can be downloaded, free of charge, from the Android Play Store. This Google-owned application does not contain ads or purchases inside, all functions are free and free. It has a weight of 24.32 MB although it may vary depending on the device you download it to.

Open the application and click on the '+' sign that appears in the middle of everything. For the first time, you must give the application permissions so that it can enter your photo gallery.

Then choose the photo you want to crop. This will appear in full screen and, underneath, you will find three tabs: designs, tools, and export.

We select the 'Tools' tab. A drop-down window appears with a series of icons. We select 'Trim'.

Now we can cut the image as we want, through the guides provided by the application, or choose, at the bottom, some default formats


Another of the most interesting photo editing applications that we can find in the Play Store. It is an application without advertising, free, although with payment filter packages. It has a weight of 43 MB so we recommend that you download it under WiFi connection.

On the main screen, we are going to click on the '+' icon if we want to add a photo that we have in the gallery or the camera icon if we want to take a photo at the moment, using its own camera. Click on 'Import'.

Once the photo is imported, we must click on it twice. It will be enlarged to a large size. To enter edit mode, press the second icon at the bottom, which represents two guides. The filter screen will open. This, at the moment, does not interest us, we must enter the second icon at the bottom, represented again by the drawing of two guides.

Now we enter 'Adjust' and here we can cut the image editing services​ and straighten it in case it has been crooked. We can make a free or predetermined cut by format.


Now we are going with the Adobe Lightroom application, the equivalent of Photoshop in the smartphone world, which you can download in the Play Store, without ads but with purchases inside. Its weight is 64 MB so you better wait to be under WiFi connection to download it. To use this application you must have an account. If not, we can log in using Facebook or Google.

To cut a photo with the Lightroom CC we are going to carry out the following steps.

Once we have entered with our account, we look at the bottom of the screen and press the blue icon, whether we want to import a photo from our gallery or take one at the moment.

We add the photo by selecting it from our gallery.

lightroom cutout 01

Once the photo is included we have to click on 'All', on the main screen. You will see below all the imported photos. Choose the one you want to trim and, on the next screen, at the bottom, select the 'Trim' icon.


Another interesting photo editing tool. The PicsArt application contains ads and purchases inside and its weight is 35 MB. You can download it for free in the Android store.

trim picsart

To start editing we need to make an account in this app. On the main screen we choose the photo to crop and, on the edit screen, press the second icon that we see. In the capture, you have it well marked. This icon shows you a handful of functions. You must choose the first one, 'Trim'. Then we can straighten and trim, as well as choose several default trim formats.


Finally, we have Photo Studio, a free application, with ads and payments inside and with a weight of 48 MB, so we recommend downloading it under WiFi. The Pro version of this app is usually available for free, so keep an eye out for app offerings.

crop photo studio

On the main screen, choose the gallery icon at the top of the screen and then the image to crop.nce the image is chosen, we look at the icon at the bottom, indicated in the image capture. On this screen we proceed to crop the photo, using the guides or the pre-established formats.

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->you may also be interested how to create clipping paths in adobe photoshop cs6

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